Other Services

We offer more than just the text review service!

While our main focus is helping your business increase social media reviews and feedback, we also offer a range of customized text message based services. 


Custom Surveys

We can create a customized survey with more questions that saves to a real-time cloud based database. Allowing you the option to get detailed experiences or feedback from your customers. 


Auto-Responder Text

Need to share information with your customers? We can setup a number that customers can text keywords to and get back information, even links to PDF files, web links or even videos!


Coupons and Discounts

Like the auto-responder you can setup coupons or discount codes customers can get back after texting your number!


So Much More

Text messaging can have a range of uses, not just our services here. Contact us and we can talk and brainstorm about how text messaging can help your business.

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