9 out of 10 of people read online reviews before choosing a business to deal with. 
These same people trust Google Reviews as much as Frerinds or Family!

Increase Google Reviews, Easily!

Social Media Reviews Are Important, Increase Yours Using Our Simple Text Messaging System!

Only Two Steps For Your Customers to Increases Your Google Reviews!
Not only does textSurvey promote social media reviews and negate bad expereiences, but it also forces them to make a definitive decision about your business, which is valuable to every business.

Real-Time feedback with Thumbs down text alert lets you take care of customers that have a bad expereince before it reaches the review sites and allows you to make them happy.

Text messaging is the most opened form of communication, and with out simple two step system it makes it so easy for your customers to give you the Reviews you need to help your business.

Google and Facebook reviews are worth money! Our low cost sytems makes it very cost effective and quick, getting the review site to your cusotmers while the experience is fresh.

We keep our user interface simple to use. This saves you time, and our mobile first views allow you to take care of feedback even on the go, like so many business owners.

The Problem With Stars!

The problem with stars and other ratings systems is the middle section. If a customer can rate you one to five stars and gives you three what does that mean? Are they going to come back? Are they going to recommend you? You really don’t know.

The thumbs up or down system forces the customer to make a conscious choice. They either like you or they don’t. No guessing. And remember with our system if they give you a thumbs down and want to be contacted you will get an instant text message back! 


People Hate Surveys

Let's face it, people hate taking surveys. When you send a survey only about half the people will open it, and only about half of them will follow through with the whole thing. We just made it easier, watch the video to see how easy it really is!


People Respond To Text Messaging

People are far more likey to respond to a text message than to a email link!

People almost always have their mobile phones with them, not all of them get email on their devices.


Simple To Use

We make it easy for you and your customers, just a couple clicks away from that five star Google rating, Facebook or Yelp review!
Good reviews can greatly enhance your business traffic.

Google Reviews Matter

We make it easy for you to make it easy to increase those Google reviews from your customers that really do like doing business with you.

Text Messaging Works

Text messages have the highest open rate of just about any marketing and contact request, as well as the fastest!

Easy and Simple to Use

We keep the interface as easy as possible to use. 


Simple Thumbs Up / Down

There is no guessing if the customer had a good or bad experience, they are forced to make a decision.

Your Ideas

We want your feedback on new features and ideas!

All pricing is based on a single location. Each location must have its own plan. 
We do offer discounts for multiple locations. Please contact us if you need service for multiple locations at info@textsurvey.us 

What you need to sign up and start now: Business Name, Email, Phone Number, Logo Url, Facebook Page ID, Google Place ID. If you don't have some of them you can still sign up and we will help you get the required information! If you do have them you can start right away sending surveys!

For pricing please contact one of our authorized resellers directly.
Please email us at info@textsurvey.us for pricing while we set up our resellers.


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